So….2 days before boarding the flight I was hooked onto my phone continuously reading blogs seeing videos checking Airbnbs and telling mum all the places I want to see and shop from but let me tell you before i go deep into the entire experience. It didn’t happen that way…..anyways going back to what happened all i did was watch all the vlogs and haul videos and I was super excited. This resulted in my mum shouting from the other room of the house .

Em pani paata leda neeku antha net(internet) lone chusthe teeskelli enduku

That simply means don’t you have any work if your watching everything on the internet then what is the point you won’t enjoy that place!!!… But at that time I felt that it is true to an extent that there might not be any surprise quotient when I go there that was when i decided that I will not be seeing anymore content that says”SINGAPORE!!!”, but it doesn’t work that way when you tend to stop yourself from doing something that is when you will be more and more curious to see what is actually in store for us.

A Memorial in Singapore

You won’t believe it took quite sometime for the entire thing to settle down in my head!!!…. I reached the international airport in my city and that was when I started having the jitters…. I was nervous I did fly before but never on top of a sea and finally after all the checking was done and I sat waiting to board that was when I thanked God for every good thing that was happening in my life and I thanked my mum in my head. For all those who are curious my dad didn’t come with us because he had already seen the place and he had some other work so it was a complete girls trip and it was super fun!!.

PS: I am still knew all of this and I hope to get more love from all of you see you soon. I will be back to blabber about all the days of the trip

Chalo BYEEEEE!!!!

Welcome aboard


“All you need to know is that it is possible”

I’ve always been wanting to do this write about all things I’ve experienced places I’ve visited and not only that but also all the nuances that life has taught me, and finally I’ve arrived sitting right in-front my trainer don’t know what would happen tomorrow as i have a test . I hope to connect with lot of you so that we can share stories and get to know each other a lot more!!

So!!! I am here to share you all the travelling experiences I’ve had and also some tips when you got to the places I’ve gone to and most importantly HAVE FUN !!!

PS: I haven’t had the guts to post it and finally I am doing it