1.) This island has some of the best food in the world!!

From 7-star hotels to hawker centers you will find everything here and the food is really yummy!!!. We were staying in Hotel Chancellor Orchard road and this place is the heart of the city!. I will agree this place is expensive but because it is such a busy place you are always few steps away from public transport buses, metro and even cabs are not expensive. The hainanese chicken rice is the best I’ve had there but I do regret not having the famous chilli crab and laksa! my mouth is watering thinking about it . They say this is the only country where you can eat Michelin star food from hawker centers for something as low as $2!!. You will never go hungry in Singapore even if you are on a budget.

Famous Singapore Foods!:

  1. hainanese chicken rice
  2. Chilli crab
  3. Shrimp laksa
  4. Singapore has some really unique flavors of crushers for just $2!
  5. Satay
  6. Roti Paratha

2)Stay in little India if possible

Though I was staying in orchard road, my heart was always there that I had to go see Little India and as weird as it sounds because I am from India but I did go there on the day I arrived, the entire city is very modern and highly technologically advanced but this place was very much buzzing with so many street food vendors, lots of places to shop so many temples etc and it is filled with lot of culture if you are very keen on knowing how the south east Asian culture is. Singapore being so close to China India and Japan and also Malaysia that it has this amazing mix of people and culture there is so much more to see in this country. I clicked this picture on the first day I landed in Singapore and it is such a beautiful place!. And also a bonus tip, I personally felt little India is cheaper compared to other places.

3)Go local!

If there is one thing I’ve enjoyed doing the most is going and living in that country or city as if you were living there forever try to figure out travel through the trains Singapore has amazing! connectivity through trains and buses there is a card which serves the purpose if you are a tourist it will cost $10 per person and it gives you unlimited travel access throughout the day also, the trains and buses have really good navigation system throughout the city. The people in the country are really sweet all you have to do is just ask and they will help you if you don’t understand the routes. You can reach Universal Studios, buggis street and mustafa market everywhere with the help of this. And if there is anything you can do is walk!. It’s good for you your health and also the sheer fact of experiencing this beautiful place and observing people is a unique experience on it’s own .

4)Go Shopping!

I don’t know about other countries but Singapore is one stop destination for everything you need from all high end brands to local make shift stalls you get everything here even the clothes you find for $5 to $10 are of really good quality. And if you ever heard of this brand called Charles &Keith it is a Singapore based brand and you will find so much difference in the price!. The bag collection of this brand is amazing and the quality is also really good!. If you are a bag lover like many girls are or if you want to buy one Singapore is the go to place for your bag fetish. It is also the hub for good fashionable clothes and buggis street is your go to place!. You get flared pants you get tights you get amazing quality tops and shirts and on the third floor there are saloons that give you Manicure for as low as $10!! can you believe that!!!.

5)Changi Airport

Last but definitely not the least Singapore airport is ranked the best airport in the world. And you would wonder why but it an experience you have to have once in your life!. The airport is a paradise for Tech-savvy people from PSP stations to movie theaters and what not!. You will find free foot massages everywhere . Can you believe it there is even a whole section of orchid garden there inside the airport. From a variety of cuisines from all around the world to local Singaporean food you will get everything here. The airport in itself is another world altogether with swimming pools palm trees. If you have the money and time try to spend time in this beautiful airport!.

PS: I know. I haven’t been regular but I promise I will post regularly. from now on let’s meet soon in a few days! and wish me luck for my final year exams it would mean a lot!.


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